mount_osxfuse: {path}: Input / output error

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mount_osxfuse: {path}: Input / output error

You're going to lunch with your computer running during lunch break, right?

One day, when I came back, sshfs, which mounted a folder on ubuntu, died.

After editing the code of the mounted folder and saving it, I was angry that there was no such file, so I put a hatena mark on my head but hit the connection command again for the time being.

$ sshfs username@host:{ project directory } { mount directory } -o sshfs_sync -o sync_readdir
 mount_osxfuse: {project directory}: Input / output error


Really, what is this?

Even if you google with an error, it will tell you that you are about to break HD.

Google search with Input / output error

Well, this is too bad to check r ..

I ’m not doing anything weird! So I checked if the process was going on.

$ ps aux | grep sshfs
name 901 0.0 0.2 3028684 32880 ?? Ss 9:18 AM 1: 26.05 sshfs {project directory} {mount directory} -o sshfs_sync -o sync_readdir
 name  2154   0.0  0.0  2453628   1004 s004  S+    4:08PM   0:00.01 grep sshfs

Does that mean there's no problem?

Summary of ps command

I don't know why it's dead, so kill the process and unmount it.

$ kill -QUIT 901
 $ umount -f { project directory }
 umount: {project directory}: not currently mounted

Connect again.

$ sshfs username@host:{ project directory } { mount directory } -o sshfs_sync -o sync_readdir
 name@global_ip's password:



fuse: when bad mount point occurs

Error handling when sshfs connection is lost

If the line is disconnected while you are mounting a remote directory locally with sshfs and you try to move to the mounted location, ...

I guess, is that the case?
bad mount pointI didn't get a separate Input/output errorhit and I could get round with an error, so I didn't hit ↑ first.

I don't know the cause, but just kill the process and reconnect it again.

sshfs(1) - Linux man page

The memo column called Draft has been squeezed, so release it.

I think it's a memo, but I don't want to be able to see it for the time being (great! Praise!), So it takes some time, so it's hard to increase the number of drafts for increments ...

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